eternally Yours

By Julia Lima, TIWP Student

Death, Destruction, Fear:

all the plagues that have seized 

screen time and front page space.

they float through my brain

as impermanent residents

for there is far too much too take in

and not enough storage.

regardless of the information overload,

i’m much too busy thinking of 


let this plague be the dirty familial grudge

that lodges itself between 

my capulets and

your montagues, 

for no force in the world 

has the strength to keep us apart.

even if You are hundreds of miles away,

Your embrace a fading memory,

Your kiss but a dream,

You will never leave me.

for each time my head touches my pillow,

Your voice replays in my mind 

like the twinkle of a music chest.

and each freckle on Your face 

is a pencilled-in dot on canvas,

never to be erased.

and each word to pass Your lips

lives on indefinitely,

for i have given it life on paper.

so fret not.

so long as i am walking this earth,

be it hours away from You,

we will always be together.

but until i see You again,

i wish to be a dream

dancing around 

in Your mind, too. 

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