Feelings I Miss Because of COVID-19

By Olivia Uzuncan, TIWP Student

  1. The feeling of talking and laughing till midnight with people you consider family.
  2. The feeling when you get that whiff of city air when you step out of the car after a long drive.
  3. The feeling of being embraced in a hug from someone you don’t get to see every day.
  4. The feeling of looking forward to something without the undermining fear that it’s going to be canceled.
  5. The feeling of wanting to go home and sleep after a long, busy day.
  6. The feeling when your teacher hands back a test and congratulates you for doing a great job.
  7. The feeling of wanting it to be summer because you get to not have anything to do.
  8. The feelings of concerts and sport games and shopping malls.
  9. The feeling of getting to eat whatever meal you desire at a restaurant.
  10. The feeling of human connection.

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