Lockdown In A Home That Isn't Home

By Aly Kirke, TIWP Student

When I received the news that confirmed the rumors of school canceling I felt my chest tighten, my throat narrow, my breath slow.

I went to a friend’s house each day, and on the days I couldn’t I just went for a walk and didn’t come back until late.

When I read that we were prohibited from leaving our houses I felt my chest nearly pop my heart, my throat close, and my breath stop.

I spent all day in my room with headphones on. When my head wasn’t spinning with the fear of my door opening it was occupied with boredom. After a while music got annoying and TV shows gave me headaches.

After a few days I stopped wearing headphones. Shouting, stomping, and glasses breaking made my ears ring until finally ringing was all I heard.

After a day of ringing I couldn’t stand it. I slammed into the wall. And then again. And again. Until arms wrapped around me, picked me up, and dropped me to the cold floor. A kick. Another kick. Muffled shouting. Ringing. I put my hands over my ears, my knees tucked up to my chest. A whip. Another whip. My body ached and all I could do was pray for it to stop. Please, someone make it stop. I could picture my mom crying in the doorway.

When I woke, I opened up my chest and let everything flow out like a murky river. My throat untensed, letting out one last sigh, never to take in another gasp of air.

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