Maybe This Is Fate

By Kayli Harley, TIWP Student

Maybe this was meant to happen. Perhaps the world grew tired of our deafness to her pleas. Perhaps she lost her patience with our blindness. Maybe this is the nightmare we will relive over and over till we finally understand, the one we will wake up to each morning in our glass boxes that we still cannot see out of, the one we will see in the darkness of a mere blink, the one that makes us wake up drowning in our own tears (after all, hers are no longer available), and the one that we will never out run. She has taken the pleasure of being in her gift, we are stuck inside the things we created, finally finding that they are not enough. We ignored her cries, and now we are agonized by her laugh. We see this as only a sorrow, yes there is pain and death and uncertainty, but there is also cleansing and revitalization within this changing story. We burned this world, but now we have the chance to see her rise from her ash, we have that gift. Listen to this change, hear the birds sing because our noises have faded. Look up at the stars, do you see how there are more of them to marvel at? Do you see just how bright they are? Do you see the paintings she is creating, like she has found new meaning in color? This is a time of fear, but just past that wall, just beyond that restraint, there is a hope we have never felt until right now.

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