Their Gazing Eyes

By Elise Flagg, TIWP Student

Part 1

A glance. Just a quick look over the shoulder. She sees him. Staring. Or gazing. She looks away. She continues to look over her shoulder throughout the night. He is always there. But then halfway through the night, his eyes are gone. Off looking at a new constellation who wears a pink tank top. She watches him watch her. She sings into a never-ending black hole. He smiles. He laughs. She watches. She gazes. He watches her. She watches him. Never again do his eyes meet her. His arm around her. She watches this and sinks. Her heart falls down. Into her stomach, crushing the butterflies. Her vision blurry eyes. her muscles cramp. She’s Frozen. Frozen watching him. She wants to stop. She wants to move her eyes but she can’t. It was like the soul of death was holding her head there, torturing her into watching. She regains it. She shakes herself. Moves her eyes on to something else. But her eyes are back. They watch him. No one else around matters only him. She tries to stop. She can’t. She is stuck in a frozen universe where she seems invisible. A tap on her shoulder. A friendly face, who is able to move her gaze. she walks out the door leaving it behind. But it follows. It grabs her and she’s back. Back in the frozen universe stuck in a never-ending loop. here. Running down her rosy cheeks. But when she looks in the mirror she notices it wasn’t a tear, but a river. A river of sorrow and hatred. A river filled with regret and sadness. A tissue, to wipe it away, to act like it’s fine but it’s not. To keep her posture and composure. Back now to the room. Spinning. Confusion. Stupidity. Her eyes gaze back at him. They meet his. And then his are gone. The end of the night. One final gaze she thinks. She looks over, but doesn’t find his sea blue eyes. Instead she’s lost in the darkest deepest ocean, continuing her search for those eyes. Knowing that hopefully one day they will meet again and never leave. 

Part 2

I look over my shoulder to admire her. Her chocolate brown locks with golden highlights. she stood there talking and I watched her. She looked over her shoulder, her hazel eyes sparkling under the garage lights. The night went on and I kept watching her. But then my friend wanted something else out. A new girl with a pink tank top. But I don’t find her interesting. I look back at the hazel-eyed girl  to see her turning away. I hope that she didn’t see me looking at that other girl because she’s not even that interesting. But for some reason I couldn’t not look at the pink tank top girl. I didn’t want to watch her but it was like the soul of death holding my head there, forcing me to watch. It’s like I’m frozen in place being  forced to look at her. Out of the corner of my eye I can feel her staring. I can’t see her eyes but I can feel the pain. I can’t leave. I’m stuck in space, searching for a light to take me out. I watch her walk out, the door slowly closing after her. I try to walk out the door to catch her but I’m stuck. She comes back about fifteen minutes later, her cheeks even more rosy than before, her eyes slightly red. Finally my eyes are allowed to move to her. I met her sparkling eyes, but then the Soul of death came back just to move my gaze. I want to look at her, I do but I can’t. He’s searching for her eyes now. In a never-ending ocean, darker than death itself, with no light except for her sparkling hazel eyes.

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