Quarantine Thoughts

By Maxine Pollock, TIWP Student

“Spend time with your family! Get to know your loved ones better!” Okay Barbara, you and your Pinterest infographic need to listen up. I think there is a limit to everyone’s “together time.” Eventually the bucket gets full and you need to turn off the water. Except the faucet is broken and the plumber is quarantined. There is no where to go and nothing to do and we are only two weeks in. I need my space but there is someone in every room and they won’t go away just like all of the crazy hoarders who keep snatching up the toilet paper right when it is restocked. We’re running out Karen! I wonder how long it takes for a person to go crazy. How long will it be before the ten miles I am allowed to travel within becomes too small? Until my longing for something different becomes a need? I keep searching for outlets. Active ones, creative ones, or even social outlets. The active one has been kind of rough and if I have learned anything from this experience it is that I can’t bake or paint or draw anywhere close as well as all of those “what to do during quarantine” accounts. I have managed to find comfort in some things. Writing has been a good outlet for me. I come up with stories in my head even if I’m too lazy to write them down. I imagine what life would be like if our world stayed healthy. I would be in Vegas for volleyball right about now and I would be going to Canada in less then a month to visit my new school. My family wouldn’t be stressed about our depleting toilet paper supply and I wouldn’t have to explain to my sad dog why the beaches are closed. There would be no need to miss my normal life because I would be living it. I miss my friends. And, dare I say it, I miss school. I miss the class clowns. I miss all of the people who I would talk to in class. I miss my teachers and all of their silly quirks. I miss having a routine. Someone in the CDC pressed pause on our lives and nobody asked for it. But time continues on and my birthday is in a couple of days. And I am going to turn 15 inside as the world passes by. Maybe I will have to violate state law and break into the beach. I dream of the day when someone will press play and everything can go back to normal. But right now, there is nothing that can be done except to stay inside and wash your hands and try not to hurt the people you are stuck in your home with.

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