Who Needs A Prince? (Part 1)

By Zara Quiter, TIWP after school student, Redwood Heights Elementary School, age 8


The wind blew as Elsa was out on her porch. She noticed a gleaming wisp of wind shining.

“That was weird,” she said out loud to herself. It got bigger and bigger. She took a step back and then started to run all the way to her sister’s bedroom.

“Anna!” she yelled.

“Mhm,” she said sleepily. “Oh hi, Elsa. What’s up?”

“Listen, I was just outside and – oh, it’s better if I just show you.” They started to walk outside. Elsa held Anna’s hand tightly.

“Cool,” Anna said, edging toward it. And then she did it.

“Wait-” Elsa said as they were swept into the spinning vortex…


The sun was setting as Pocahantas walked along the lake. She loved this lake, at this time, when the sun was setting. The sun, though, looked ever-so brighter on the reflection on the lake. She reached down to touch the reflection. Suddenly, she felt a pull on her arm and was pulled into the lake…


Pew. The sound of the shooting arrow calmed Merida.

“Teacher, teacher!” Oh right, Merida thought. I’m teaching a class. “I have to go to the bathroom, actually we all do.”

Merida saw the whole line—in fact the whole class—doing “The Potty Dance”

“All right, go ahead.” All the children ran off into the distance. She walked around and picked up all the arrows and bows. She closed up the targets. When she got to the last one, she pulled out the arrow and then felt a mysterious push into the target. She slid down a tunnel into a room…


Seriously what is this? Elsa thought. She knew her sister was excited but she wasn’t so sure. What if Anna got hurt? She knew she would be heart-broken if anything happened to Anna. She thought hard until two other girls came sliding in…


Pocahontas fell into the lake. She didn’t expect this. She swam up as quickly as possible, but she was being pushed down into a hole. Then, after all that pushing, she shot up into a room…


Merida was cold. “Is this a joke?” she shouted at the other girls.

“No,” said another girl with an icy blue dress. “We’re stuck here, too.”

“That’s Elsa, I’m Anna.,” said a girl with orangish-brown hair. “What’s your name?”

“Merida,” she mumbled. She looked around and saw a Native American girl standing close to a wall. “And you?”

“Pocahantas,” she said. “Okay, if we’re going to get out of this mess, we have to work together.”

To be continued…

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