Shelter In Place

By Aly Kirke, TIWP Student

I go to bed so late, and wake up with half of the day gone, I’m thinking about petitioning for people to become nocturnal.

Every time I workout, I find myself tired in seconds, with a side cramp from the doughnut I ate for breakfast, and again for dinner.

I am having the strangest dreams of my life. The dream I had last night makes me afraid of my mind.

Experimenting appears to be a trend. I haven’t cut or dyed my hair, but I see it on the horizon, which worries me.

Despite this hell, we are finding a lot of beautiful things such as clear waters, unpolluted sky, and clean rooms!

We are slowly evolving, growing a little madder each day. I keep waiting for a World War Z situation, or at least for cannibalism to enter the picture, but it seems we are a few steps behind that. I could use some excitement.

Why are we so bad at entertaining ourselves? Yesterday, I saw a video of a guy knitting ramen, and I was jealous.

How will this experience change us? Will we hold hugs a little longer? Will we appreciate noise? Will we try harder to keep our planet happy and healthy? Will we learn? Or will we just act like this pandemic never even happened?

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