The Reveal

By Kayli Harley, TIWP Student

“Tell me what is going on inside that head of yours” they say. It is not at simple as a single image, it is more complex than words. It is not one color, nor two, nor any color for that matter. It is not the peace that you hope for it to be, nor the black ocean that you secretly fear. It has been both. Sometimes they blend together. If I were able to project my mind so you could see this—so I would not have to lie, so I would not have to tell the truth—you would no longer ask. You would not want to visit that place because although it is beautiful in all of its forms, it can be a painful beauty. Sometimes the ground shakes with no warning. It rains when there are no clouds, the crows cry when you did not even know they lived there, and once this happens, you will get a sense of just how emptying it can be to have this place atop your shoulders. But there is also light. That is where you will find the reasons for why the ground stops quivering, and how the nightingale drowns out the crows. This side will lure you back like a siren’s call without the twisted fate. But still, you will not wish to return to this place because you cannot begin to understand it. You cannot begin to understand how there is darkness in a place that is bursting light, nor how there is light in a place of suffocating darkness. I know all of these things, which is the reason why I respond to your request with this simple lie: “Nothing much.”

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