The Light That Conquers Darkness

By Ellie Hawkins, TIWP Student

There is no denying that there is evil in the world, but light will always conquer darkness.  The sun will always peak through the shadows of the clouds and a hidden star will smile over night’s black spell.

Darkness will attempt to consume your soul, beckoning you into an endless hole, a hole where a spark can’t start a fire and a flickering lamp won’t light up a room. In this hole it’s cold and constricted. Numb. The feeling of joy is only a memory. Even hope has no meaning. It’s rock bottom and nothing escapes the pain.

Light is the hand reaching out, a familiar face, shining even brighter in darkness. It’s life itself. The cries of a newborn baby or a radiant smile. All the love and comfort in the world. So mesmerizing and beautiful, you must grasp it. 

In these times, we fight for the light. The power of darkness is no match to your strength. Even when the darkness seems endless, pick yourself up and reach for the stars. 

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