A World Full of Light

By Maxine Pollock, TIWP Student

I dream of a world full of light. 

A world where everyone smiles at each other as they pass. A world where if someone’s grocery bag breaks on the street, five people rush to help. Everyone is employed, everyone has a family, and everyone is loved. 

Sounds nice doesn’t it? 

A world where the Sun always shines and the people are always happy. 

But Earth’s tilt and its orbital distance away from the Sun causes there to be cloudy days. Maybe this world isn’t tilted on an axis and there are five Suns so there is always light. But if this were the case, I know that the people would be unhappy. 

If every day is sunny, it becomes normal. People would get sick of all of the sunshine. 

Cloudy days make it possible for people to appreciate the sunny ones. 

Sure, on cloudy days there are fewer smiles exchanged and maybe only two people help with the spilled groceries, but when the Sun comes back out, the world rejoices. When it is finally sunny again, strangers hug each other on the street and suddenly eight people are scrambling to pick up the groceries and two are offering up their bags. 

The dark days make us grateful for the light ones. 

But how do the people survive the cloudy days? Most people continue on as usual; going to work or school, and being home in time for dinner. 

But there’s this one girl.

Every cloudy day, she calls in sick. She stays in her one-bedroom apartment and draws back all the blinds. She stares at the grey sky and smiles. 

Then she opens her notebook. Sitting at her desk that faces the window, she writes. She writes about her feelings, she writes about her world, somedays, she even writes stories about far away lands. 

She pours herself into her stories which are deep and personal. Every letter she writes pulls out a new and unexposed part of herself. Sometimes it hurts and she feels like she can’t go on. But she knows she mustn’t stop. She writes the whole day. 

Somewhere outside of her world, someone notices her. They read her stories all through the night. They smile, laugh, cry, then smile again. 

And as the Sun is coming up the next day, they remember the girl and her writing. 

And they pull back the grey clouds. 

And there is sunshine once more.

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