for you, i’ll live

By Julia Lima, TIWP Student

i won’t die for you,
i’ll live for you.
i’ll pick off every orange from its tree
and peel them one by one
just for you,
letting the juice trickle down 
the backs of my arms.
i’ll watch every sunset for you,
matching each shade of purple
and pink
and orange
to a flower i will pick
for you.
i’ll listen to the rain for you,
each and every drop
hitting the ground,
and i’ll listen for the birds
that come out to sing after.
i’ll touch the earth for you,
feel the hot soil between my toes
and dewdrops that fall onto my ankles. 
i’ll breathe in each ocean wave for you,
and let the salt linger beneath my nose
as the tide rises and falls again.
i’ll sing for you,
i’ll belt every word with strength from the soul
until i can no longer chirp.
i’ll cry for you,
i’ll feel the ache in my chest and let it sit there,
deep and hollow.
i’ll laugh for you, 
i’ll laugh and laugh until
my cheeks are sore and 
tears roll down my face.
i won’t die for you,
i’ll live for you,
and i’ll live deeply.
i’ll live like no other being has lived before.
for you, i’ll live. 

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