Our Power

By Caroline Hesby, TIWP Student

sometimes, I am a single rose petal
being carried by the river,
floating innocently above the water,
letting the waves decide where I go.

or I am one grain of sand,
lost among the infinite others,
blown away by a single gust of wind,
hidden somewhere on the vast beach.

so often, I allow myself to shrink
to these minuscule identities.
so often I let myself believe
that I am one puzzle piece and not the whole image.

how dangerous it is, for me to think the tide is stronger than I am.
how worthless it is to let the hurricane sweep me up under my feet.
how wrong am I, to believe the universe gets to determine what happens to me,
to believe that I am supposed to submit to all that surrounds me.

I am not meant to be one brick in the wall.
I am not meant to be tossed away or forgotten.
I am not supposed to “see where I end up.”
I am meant to fight until I am where I want to be. 

you see, my hands can brew magic.
I can mold my future as I wish.
I do not sway when the breeze wants me to,
I dance along with it when I choose.

I do not climb other people’s ladders.
I create staircases by myself.
I do not stop when others give up,
I cross finish lines all alone. 

it is only when I think someone else holds the strings to my puppet,
I will truly fail. 
I will only be trapped when I forget
I hold the key to my own cage.

I am no petal nor grain of sand.
I do not wash away or get thrown around by the storm.
my fate was never written for me,
I have always held the pen. 

it is infinitely easier to form excuses where they do not exist.
it is much simpler to believe that we cannot generate our own success.
we like to believe that our paths have already been chosen for us,
that we don’t possess the abilities to make what we want to happen, happen. 

our lives change the day we realize we are our own superheroes.
our lives change when we understand that we can create paths that do not even exist yet.
our lives change when we discover the power we have always held over our own destinies.
our lives change when we see that we cannot let the world happen to us—
we must happen to the world. 

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