I Dream

By Katerina Bonderud, TIWP Student

I dream of peace. I dream of going on a hike or a camping trip where you are surrounded by the peaceful wild. You hike up to the top of a beautiful hill, sit down, and survey every inch of the scenery with your eyes, staying there for hours, soaking up the sun and appreciating this marvelous world.

I dream of clean air, blue skies, chirping birds, and warmth upon my skin. I guess I wish for the perfect summer day, everyday.

I dream of a world with no malignant energy sources, no harmful mass production, no one-time use of plastics, and no toxic sea water. In this day and age, this seems it will always be a dream. But I still have hope for us.

I don’t care how many times humanity disappoints me. We won’t get anywhere if we give up on us.

I dream about love. Not romance between me and another, but world love. Damn, I wish someone would drug earth’s water supply to make everyone just l-o-v-e more.

I dream of a world with less fear and more knowledge. Introducing technology—and I’m talking about computers and phones here—was supposed to make us more connected and more knowledgeable. Why did it flip to be the exact opposite?

I guess we need to perceive and experience the worst in order to authentically love the best.

I dream of harmony.

I dream of abundance in coral reefs.

I dream of simplicity.

After a while, however, I wake up from my dreams, and realize they are just fantasies. But my mind always wonders… what if they weren’t? What if dreams weren’t just dreams?

What if dreams are the blueprint of your life, all the possibilities?

Could it be we have a shot at making these things turn from dreams into reality? I guess there is only one way to find out. It’s time to try.

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