Let It Out

By Rebecca Gunderson, TIWP Student

Anger is within us all. It needs to be let out or else it will boil inside us, turning our insides rotten. Women can be angry, too. It’s not because we’re hormonal. It’s not because we’re on our periods. It’s because we have feelings, just like men. We get frustrated. We get fed up. We get tired of your bullshit. Sometimes you have to let it all out. Now, projecting your anger on your family or friends maybe isn’t all that healthy–try a punching bag. Or maybe go to one of those places where they let you smash plates. Go for a jog. Change your surroundings. Really anything but lashing out at somebody who doesn’t deserve it. If they do deserve it, well, that’s another story. Being angry is normal. It doesn’t always feel good–it makes us sweat, it makes our hearts beat faster. Anger makes us anxious, maybe even a little scared. It causes pain–that’s why we so often suppress it. But it shouldn’t be suppressed. It wasn’t meant to be hidden. Anger helps you get your needs met. It reveals the root problem, so you can go and fix it. Anger is healthy. A world without anger is a world without problem solving, without healing. Anger is good for us. Let it out. 

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