Summer 2020

By Katerina Bonderud, TIWP Student

I wish I could shout from a mountain top and have everyone hear this. Slow down and let these words soak into your skin like your favorite moisturizer: summer 2020 is not over. It’s alive, so, so alive! It’s just covered up by sand. Go on a treasure hunt. What do you want this summer it be? What did you want to do before the quarantine? Make things happen. Embrace your creativity and desires.

Yes, things are different. Embrace the difference. Don’t run away from the unknown. Explore it. Chase your ideal self and summer and don’t stop running till you catch it. It will happen. The only deciding factor is whether or not you act on what you want.

You want to get in shape but your gym is closed. Write down a goal and why you want to achieve it. Remind yourself of your goal every day. Now figure out a way that works best for you. What feels best? Use your imagination to your advantage. Use your goals, abilities, and possibilities to your advantage.

Right now you may feel trapped. Whether you are under house arrest one hundred percent of the time or you can drive far, far away from your cage, test your limits. Explore your desires.

Do not give up.

Do not make your cage smaller with that beautiful head of yours. Instead, make it bigger.

Summer 2020 is going to be great. It’s up to you how great it is, however. Do not get hung up on the things you can’t do or the things that are cancelled. Focus your eyes and mind on a new perspective. How can you make this summer different than all the rest?

How can you make this summer a summer you look back on and do not regret?

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