We Are Healing

By Rebecca Gunderson, TIWP Student

Quarantine is a time of healing. In the midst of this pandemic, we are healing the earth – Venetian canals are getting clearer each day. We are bonding with our pets like never before. We are appreciating the nature around us as we explore new hiking trails. Our workload in school is lower than ever in our high school careers. For some of us, that means our mental states are improving. We are fixing our houses, taking on home improvement projects we had delayed for so long. Our closets are being reorganized, our rooms are being redone. We are falling in love with new TV shows. We are discovering new artists and playing their songs on a loop. We are finding comfort in our favorite childhood Disney movies. We are talking to our family and friends more. We are finding new ways to entertain ourselves, picking up new hobbies. We are picking up paint brushes, measuring cups, gardening shovels, and free weights that we haven’t touched in years. We are flourishing in this quarantine. We are healing.

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