By Kayli Harley, TIWP Student

The last rays of sunlight moved with the wind through each blade of grass until they landed on my skin. The few trees in the plain stood as silhouettes against the watercolor sky. The low mountains enclosed us in this space as they grew and fell in anticipation for the vibrant night. The sun descended behind these hills, releasing its last breaths of day in every variant of orange our eyes can see. My sister and I sat atop the land rover, orange Fantas in hand, facing this scene, witnessing the moment when day and night blend together for mere seconds before separating. The other members of my family and our guides sat beneath us, all of us there, a single frame of the universe. All around us the world was singing and talking in words so soft one could have mistaken them for silence. This was what living was supposed to be, a presence in moments like these; moments so pure, so real, they cannot even be written of in full clarity. Each day we spent there ended like this, complete and full; so full that all the colors in the rainbow cannot recreate the palette of the sun, so complete that no other rays of light feel as gentle and warm, so rich that life remade itself with each breath I took atop that car, and so unique that my eyes will never see another sunset that felt as though it was ending every day of the rest of my life so that each one could feel even a little bit as whole.

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