Rainbow Rain

By Maxine Pollock, TIWP Student

My sister told me she thought that the world was once black and white like the old movies. And I asked her how she thought the world got its color again. She said it was because of the rainbow rain. 

Red came first of course. She was hot and fiery and fell loudly from the sky. Red clung to apples, fire trucks, lifeguards, and neon open signs. Lastly, she reached the blood of every living thing. When a drop of red entered the body, a wave of anger and passion coursed through your veins. You wanted to kick and scream and love fiercely and let them go. 

Orange was next. Often overlooked, orange came quietly while the people were still recovering from the shock of red. He was friendly, but never spend too much time with orange. His mannerisms were unsettling and could make you feel anxious. He fell onto oranges, pumpkins, goldfish, carrots, and traffic cones. In one house, tucked away deep in a forest, a candle was burning. The house was worn down from its years of existence and holes had formed in the roof. Orange crawled through one of the holes and jumped onto the candle flame. The flame shot up in a burst and cast even more light around the room. But something was missing from the base.

It was yellow. Yellow came and the world rejoiced. She brought happiness and reassurance and light. Yellow skipped around, dropping her color on things that made her happy, like lemons, school buses, sunflowers, and rubber ducks. Yellow found the small house in the forest and joined orange on the flame. Lastly, every drop of yellow left gathered together and shot up into the sky. It took a minute, but suddenly the sun had color and was brighter than ever before. A warm glow spread throughout the world.

Following in yellow’s footsteps came green. Green was reassuring, the popular guy that everyone wanted to hang out with. Green had a lot of work to do. He threw himself on the land. Grass and trees, moss and leaves, green added his color to it all. He even ventured into the ocean, not his natural territory, and touched the seaweed and certain fish as they swam by. Green put life into the earth. 

Next was blue. Blue was calm and soft. He was huggable and well-liked. But be wary of blue. He was the kind of guy that you would fall in love with and would break your heart. Blue, like green, had a lot to do. Blue rained for the longest, slowly coloring the entire ocean. The people watched from the shore and smiled as the light waves distinguished themselves from the rest of the ocean. Once the ocean was colored, blue ambled around to all of the lakes, and rivers, and streams. The water turned cold with blue’s presence, but the cold was so refreshing. Finally, he flew to the sky, and colored it all. The people couldn’t stop looking up.

While the world was marveling at the ocean and the sky, purple padded in. She was shy, and kept to herself as she went about. There wasn’t much to color, but she found some eggplant and flowers. Purple added light touches to things here and there, but then she was gone before anyone even noticed her presence.

Wanting to spice things up after dreary purple, came pink. She was bubbly because everything excited her. Pink got to work on some of the people, adding an undertone to their flesh. If pink touched your skin, you felt giddy, like a young girl in love. She found some pigs and she loved their noses so she colored them too. Finally, pink discovered flowers, her new favorite thing. She touched nearly every flower she could find, giggling all the while.

And after pink retired, the world was different. Now that the people could see what they looked like, things bore new meaning. Color was everywhere. The world paused as everyone admired what had become. And when the yellow sun set that night, yellows, and pinks, and oranges, painted the sky. Even shy purple made an appearance, tinting the wispy clouds. It was the most beautiful thing anyone had ever seen. 

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