By Maya Hanck, TIWP Student, College Program

Inspired by the book “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle

True beauty stems from within, or so we say. But the actions of society tell a very different story. Society tells us that beauty stems from physical appearance: thin, tall, blonde, high cheek bones, long hair, bright eyes, a soft smile. However, while all of these characteristics represent a woman, they represent a woman with no substance. For what is physical appearance without inner beauty. It is ugly.

A beautiful woman has power. She has trust in herself. She has confidence. She has love. And most importantly, she has no shame.

When the world tells her to be afraid of what she is capable of, she puts in her headphones to get to work, tuning society out.

When the world tells her she’ll never measure up, she lifts her middle finger in peaceful yet fierce protest.

When the world asks her “are you done now?” in reference to her attitude, she looks them dead in the eye, says “actually I’m not, are you?” She keeps herself on offense, never missing a beat.

She is beautiful.

She has reclaimed the control the world once tormented her with.

She is true.

She has rebranded beauty.

She is untamed.

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