By Jonathan Hagendoorn, TIWP Student

There are many different types of people on Earth, each with their own spot in the world. Everyone has different opinions and interests pertaining to what they want to do, and each individual will have their own successes‒or failures‒throughout their life. Often, though, it turns out that the powerful, the wealthy, want more, and will do whatever they can—even if it means circumventing laws—to get it.

Many companies only care about their sales, and not what’s right for the world, like when they don’t take measures to prevent further climate change. It has to be done, but if it doesn’t seem to benefit them or strengthen their power, they said it can’t be done. This is an example of one of the many faults in the human psyche ‒ greed. Greed, in my opinion, is probably the greatest fault.

People do their best to fight against those who only want for themselves, and it works sometimes, incites real change sometimes, but overall, we are leading ourselves down a path that results in the destruction of our home, and it needs to be fixed. It’s good that many recognize that real change is needed, but the whole world needs to understand what must change.

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