Ocean of Voices

By Caroline Hesby, TIWP Student

Sometimes those with the loudest voices have the most empty space in their hearts. They yell and with their shrill screams they pierce your ears until they ring, their ideas laced with selfishness and ignorance. 

They wash out the voices that have not been acclimated yet to the battles of shouting, silencing the crowd who begs for a chance to speak. Impossible it seems to ever reach their volume, to have a moment to challenge the rambling that many are too afraid to confront.

But this illusion of power just hasn’t seen the true strength that lies among these crowds. So many of them hide in the shadows, awaiting their turn, too scared of failure, of judgement, of shame to open their mouths. 

They must not wait any longer. Not until next year, next month, next week, or tomorrow. They must be heard today. Today, we need to hear their voices- even if it’s just a whisper. One whisper today becomes a steady tone in a week. It becomes an assertive chant in  a month. It becomes a booming cry in a year that will no longer back down. 

So dig inside and pull out that voice of yours- the one that beams with empathy, grace, kindness and strength- the one that craves justice and doesn’t hush until it is accomplished. Let it whisper it’s words of passion and gather its confidence. Let its flame burn stronger and let it sing free when it wants to be heard.

Each raindrop creates the flood, so let your voice rain down while others follow until your current wipes away the dams of hatred and injustices that have been built around our cities.

Soon enough when that sharp, screeching voice tries to tie you down and hush this fiery undertow of voices, you will all roar back with the power of the ocean and it’s tide. 

Reach in and grab it now- that voice that trembles, that can only let out a whisper. Watch it grow and thrive until it becomes that thunderous voice that it was meant to be. It deserves to be heard—and the world will listen. 

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