Who Am I?

By Audrey Lambert, TIWP Student

Who am I?
Am I a human being?
A name?
A face?
Am I gender?
A sexuality?
A skin color?
A race?
A creed?
An ethnicity?
Another bump in my ancestral line?
Am I a reflection of the location in which I live in?
A product of my country?
Am I a number on a scale?
A pencil mark on the door frame?
Am I a set of check boxes?
A list of distinguishing physical characteristics?
Am I the three words someone else would use to describe me?
My biggest flaw?
My biggest asset?
Am I set of percentages evaluating my intelligence?
Letter grades on a report card?
Am I a statistic? 
Am I my interests? 
A couple of hobbies? 
What I like and what I don’t like? 
Am I what other people perceive me to be?
Or am I who I see in the mirror?
Who I hear in my head? 
Am I my judgmental, dark thoughts? 
Or am I the reprimanding thoughts that follow? 
Am I who I think I am? 
Or am I what others think of me?
Am I who I know I am if I don’t know myself?
Am I a personality?
Or am I an amalgamation of the personalities of those around me?
A sponge that soaks up traits of others? 
Am I the people who I surround myself with? 
Am I two chromosomes? 
A string of DNA?
Am I a 50-50 combination of my parents? 
Or am I my own person? 
What am I defined by? 
My words? 
My thoughts? 
My actions? 
My current impact? 
My future impact? 
Am I a legacy? 
A story to be told? 
Or am I just another cardboard box in the attic labeled with a Sharpie? 
Another faded photograph of a face with a forgotten name? 
Another footprint on a loose dirt path, waiting to be blown away or covered up by another?
Am I just another speck of dirt in our infinite universe?
Another grain of sand at the bottom of the ocean?
Do I matter?
Will I matter?
Am I just another person?
Another face in the crowd?
Or am I a human being, one with rights, and a life, one that breathes oxygen and drinks water? 
One that has everything that makes a human a human?
A sentient being with opposable thumbs, and language, and art, and culture?
Am I nothing, a speck of a human? 
Or am I everything in a human package? 
Who am I? 

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