I Hope

By Ben Davis, TIWP Student

I hope the world will be better in the future—even if there’s ample evidence that it won’t be, ample evidence that things already might be too late. I think if our generation were even just five years older, if more of us could vote, if we were able to enact more powerful change, then things might be better. But to be honest, it seems as though we have been forced to wait.

Of course we have individuals our age who are able to do real things, make real change. Like Greta Thunberg, for example. She’s a climate activist, and she has done a lot of good. But to a certain extent there’s only so much she can do. You really think our dipsh*t of a president is going to listen to a young woman, much less one from a different country? Like what the hell are we to do?

Honestly, back in 2016, I didn’t think Trump stood a chance. I had faith in the people older than me, faith in the people who could vote. What could I have done? Tell me, because you have to think long and hard about that answer. Oh sure, I could go out and protest, I could go out and try to get my voice heard. Sure, but what would that have accomplished? I would just be another voice piled on top of the Trump hate train.

I hope that things will get better. And I want to believe it. But I won’t believe it until I see the change, until I see that we can make a difference, that we don’t have to keep waiting. We’re just kids. And if the kids are more intelligent than the adult running the country, then I believe the future will be better. But we have to wait. How long until we get a Gen Z president? Exactly my point; it will take some time.

I hope that when we are given a choice, we choose the long term. We’re not the Koch brothers, the Trumps, the Pences. I know I didn’t name enough people just then, but I don’t feel I have to, because you know what I mean. I hope we will choose to preserve peace, not figure out who has a bigger nuke.

I hope that we will have the time to make a change. I hope that we can stall long enough to give us a chance to save the world. Because I believe that is what our generation is made for. Because somehow, every time all hope seems lost, we stand back up again. Believe me, I’m confused as to how we do it, but somehow we always do. We’re activists, change-makers, writers, politicians, and most importantly we’re united. I believe we are united for the good of the world, for not just our generation, but the ones to come.

I hope that we will stop having so many stupid kids. Because honest to God, why the f*ck would you ever have a child? It’s an investment that will never pay off, a risk in and of itself. Kids are cute 0.1% of the time. I get our generation needs to focus on the small victories, but kids are 99.9% a loss. Having kids is selfish, it harms our planet far more than just driving back and forth a few times across the U.S. I know quite a few people who share my similar belief, though I doubt as strongly. We, as a generation, are so caring that we are scared to bring kids into the world until we have made it right for them.

All of these modern-day parents say they want what’s best for their kids’ futures. Then fight for us. Put your stupid politics away and think about your kids! I’m mostly talking to republicans, because for whatever reason, they believe there’s some liberal conspiracy against them. There’s not, you just want to blame other people. Democrats are in the wrong here, too, because we certainly haven’t been our best. I don’t understand how Joe Biden is our candidate? Like, I get it, he’s a moderate, but is he really the best choice? Regardless, I hope that our generation does what others did not, and for once think about the future of society.

I believe that our generation is selflessly selfish. We all want to be that one person who makes the change. We want to be the heroes in history, the new MLK’s and Lincolns. But in trying to be that sole hero, we are still enacting meaningful change. The motive is both selfless, and selfish. We want fame, but what we desire more, is a better and more diverse world.

I believe that our generation will do whatever it takes to save the world, to give us the future we deserve. It’s going to be a hard fight, and a long one too, but I believe that our generation has waited long enough, and that we’ve built up our strength in these years of waiting. When our time comes, when destiny calls upon us to change the course of history, we will rise to the occasion. We are ready for the change; we want it badly enough that I believe we will have the strength to make it happen. 

Think back to these protests. Think back to the people you see standing on the sidewalks, masks on their faces, and a sign in their hands. What age are they? They’re our age. They’re our generation. How many old white men do you see out there protesting. Very few, that’s how many. But how many of us do you see? More, much more. We give the speeches, we make ourselves heard. And if it’s not us, it’s the generation before. It’s not the people who are nearing the end because they have nothing to fight for but themselves. They’ve lived good, long lives, and many of them are amazing people once you get to know them. But we still have to fight. We have to fight for a future that some might say is getting ever darker. But we are the light; we will make that future the one we deserve.

I hope, no, I believe we are the change. We are the light. We forge paths, we make change. We speak up, we defend, we fight. And once our time comes, we will seize the opportunity. We are like an army waiting for the commander to give us our command. But instead, we’re a bunch of kids, ready to rise up for what we know is right. We will change the world, and we will do it sooner than anyone might expect.

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