By Kayli Harley, TIWP Student

I believe that people should write more love letters.
I believe that if we all lived in a Jack Johnson song life would be pretty peaceful.
I believe that asking questions is a good thing and curiosity is limitless.
I believe that books can be portals to vibrant and lively worlds.
I believe that if someone has a happy place they should visit it often.
I believe that we can have more than one passion in this life.
I believe that everyone should be able to travel the world, and that adventure should not come at a price.
I believe that without music we would feel more isolated and alone than we know.
I believe that it is important for us to remember who we were so that we know who we wish to become.
I believe that change is beautiful.
I believe that when my English teacher told our class last year that expectations bring suffering my outlook on the life I was creating for myself changed.
I believe that the more we negatively compare ourselves to others the more we lose sight of who we are.
I believe that opening a window at night and simply breathing can do more healing than we know.
I believe that empathy can change the world if people have the courage to act on it.
I believe that perception is everything.
I believe that there will always be more to this life than we think—adding to a never-ending list of reasons as to why opening our minds and our hearts can change everything.
I believe that vulnerability frees us.
I believe that the words a writer bleeds and the art an artist breathes are one in the same in their purpose.
I believe that if our younger selves walked beside us we would live differently.
I believe that if our future selves walked in front of us we would never live at all.
I believe that we have a choice in how our pain defines us.
I believe that fear is the greatest thief in this world.
I believe that out of all of the people we write for, it is the voice within each of us that we have yet to find that is the most important muse.
I believe that we can create our own happiness.
I believe that life will continue to surprise us.

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