Rewriting the Fairytale

By Zara Quiter, TIWP Student, Age 8

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Cindy. She lived with her mother and father but then, when Cindy was 6 years old, her mother died.

It was a rough time for her and her father but then, Cindy’s dad got remarried. 

He married a woman named Lady Wilma. She had two sons. Their names were Charlie and Charles. The day the family moved in, Cindy instantly hated them. First they made her do all the laundry, then they made her do all the chores and then they had her mow the lawn twice.

This nonsense continued for 15 years and then, the mailman came to the door.

“Hello,” he said. “This letter is from Princess Melody. It is an invitation to her royal ball.”

That afternoon, Lady Wilma took her children to a store to find them both a stunning suit. While they were gone, Cindy stole a few of Wilma’s dresses and made them suitable for her to attend the ball.

That night, Wilma, Charlie and Charles left in a carriage pulled by two white horses. Cindy had begged Wilma to let her go earlier in the day but she said no and reminded Cindy to finish her chores.

Cindy went outside to water the pumpkins and then… BOOM! There was a big flash of light and a dazzling unicorn was standing in front of her!

“Hello dear,” she said calmly.

“Who, um, who are you?” Cindy asked.

“Why I’m you uni-godmother, dear,” she said. “I’ve heard that you wanted to go to the ball, now let me dress you up.”

First she turned the pumpkin into a carriage, then she turned 3 mice into some royal-looking horses, and then she turned Cindy’s dress into a beautiful ball gown.

“Now hop on!” the unicorn said. “But remember, you’ll turn back to yourself at midnight!”

Cindy arrived at the ball and saw Charlie dancing with Princess Melody on the dance floor. She walked down the stairs and started looking at the food choices.

Then, Melody walked over her and asked, “Want to dance?”

They waltzed across the dance floor and people were gawking at them.

“Who’s that girl?”

“Why’s she with the princess?”

“What are they doing together?”

Because of all the whispering, Melody took Cindy outside. “What is your name?” she asked.

“I’m-” then Cindy was cut off by the clock!


“Oh no, I have to go!” Cindy shouted.

“Wait!” Melody called.

Cindy didn’t notice her shoe had fallen off.

The next day, there was a knock on their door again.

“Hello?” Wilma asked impatiently.

“Hello. I am Princess Melody. I am here to have all of you try this shoe on.”

“Well come in, come in!” Wilma said excitedly.

She, Charles, and Charlie each tried the shoe on but it didn’t fit.

“Are you sure there’s no one else in your house?” Melody asked.

Wilma shook her head.

“Well, then I guess she’s gone,” Melody said sadly.

Just then, Cindy came out of the shadows.

“Melody!” she shouted.

“Quick, try this shoe on!” Melody said excitedly.

It was a match!

“Will you marry me?” Melody asked.

“Yes!” Cindy said.

Charles, Charlie, and Wilma were standing next to them with their mouths open.

A month later, Cindy and Melody, Queen and Queen, were dancing on the dance floor, with their white dresses trailing behind them. People were cheering and clapping when they finished their dance.

Melody’s mother and father walked up to the stage and gave Melody and Cindy a kiss on their cheeks.

“To our new queens!” they said.

“To our new queens!” the crowd called back.

The End

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