True Beauty

By Eloise Anagnost, TIWP Student

I am beautiful because,
I was brought to life
by two incredible people,
each so
The intertwining of their souls
rendered me whole,
in the mist of a chilling
I guess I know,
what made the leaves change their color
that fateful season.
I am beautiful because,
though I thought I was whole,
through the conjoined souls,
there was a beauty
I was still missing.
So whenever I would think myself clever,
and attempt to acknowledge the full potential
of my beauty,
I simply could not fulfill
all the credentials.
Because although I didn’t miss her,
I was lacking a sister,
who came on one day in May.
I guess I know why,
the grey Portland sky
turned blue,
and the lilacs bloomed.
Because beauty only entices
more of its kind,
not leaving
I am beautiful because,
I live on this Earth.
And though you might have trouble,
seeing the beauty in
our small planet,
We can certainly be it.
Because just like me,
at the young age of three when I still was missing a sister,
without us
-you and me-
the Earth could not embrace
its full beauty.
I am beautiful because,
beauty is not a choice.
Any being
in the vast universes’
realm of sight,
holds with such might-
a form of beauty they just
can’t describe.
Though the idea seems simple,
it is quite the opposite.
What makes me beautiful
cannot always be exclaimed
because what makes me beautiful,
is anything but usual,
because what makes me beautiful is

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