You Are Enough

By Eloise Anagnost, TIWP Student

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” —from The Perks of Being A Wallflower

We accept the love we think we deserve,
but we are blinded to the fact that:
there is so much more love
we don’t accept,
so much more that
wants to be given to us
that we push
Love isn’t something you
or have to be “worthy of.”
It isn’t something you can
pick and choose,
because just being
allows love to cling
to you,
much like
paper clips on a magnet,
only falling
if shaken hard enough.
Deserve isn’t a word
that should
be paired with love.
Yet we hear it in songs,
“I don’t deserve your love.”
But Love cannot be
It just is.
Being part of this
planet that has kept us
is enough to show,
that we don’t need to
prove ourselves to love.
So embrace all the
that fills us,
and surrounds us.
Love isn’t something to be filtered,
or sorted,
or deserved.
And even if you choose not to accept it,
Love will always be there,
waiting for you
to realize
you are

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