When Someone You Love Is Sick

By Kayli Harley, TIWP Student

When someone you love becomes sick, really sick, could-possibly-die sick, your life changes. You watch them. You watch them lie in bed, inhabiting a body that is strained beyond your comprehension. You watch them when they walk around, you watch them when they fall asleep, you watch them and you wish that you could ease their pain. You drop everything for them so that you can sit by their side, and if you do not drop everything, you think about them every day. You call them, text them, anything to check in. You do what you can because you care, because you want them to fall out of their illness and back into the health that they had.    

When someone you love becomes sick, really sick, could-possibly-die sick, you change your life; even if they don’t ask you to change it, you do; even if you have no power over their recovery, you do. Now, people are asking you to change your life, you do have the power to influence the outcome, and you are choosing to turn your back on them. What could you possibly gain out of your rebellion that is more valuable than the life of another human who is only asking for you to care?    

The world is asking us to listen, our communities are asking us to listen, our families are asking us to listen, and so many of us have chosen to be deaf for over five months. Whether we like it or not, our fates are intertwining with those around us. We are writing the stories of others along with our own. If we care enough to change our lives for those we love, we can, and should, learn how to make changes in our lives to protect the people around us. This does not have to last forever, these changes do not have to be permanent, but we need to make them now. We need to make them because we are not just living what will become history, we are reliving it with every disregarded mask, every party containing people standing too close together, and every “illegal” touch; we are conditioning this history’s repetition. 

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