Being Your Own Heroine

By Elise Flagg, TIWP Student

I believe everyone is their own main character—because everyone is their own story. You can’t be a side character in your own story. Only in someone else’s. You are your own story and your own heroine. There is no understudy. There will be a love interest. A best friend. A comedian. An influencer. All of which you are NOT. Not in this story at least. In yours, you are the main character. The story literally revolves around you. Your story is about you. You create your story’s beginning, middle and end. You create every word, every sentence, every page of what’s written in it. You’re the author. You cannot let anyone tell you that you aren’t a main character because you are. You could be a best friend, but only in someone else’s story. This is your life. So make sure you show the world who you are.

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