Letter to My Middle School Self

By Claire Kostermans, TIWP Student

Here’s what I’m telling you: Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid of voicing your opinion or sticking up for yourself or others. Don’t be afraid of boys or anyone that seems scary, because that will let them win. Don’t be afraid of the future and don’t dwell on the past. Instead, live in the moment and be yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you who you can or cannot be or what you can say or do. Cherish the memories you have made and look forward to the ones you will make. Know that it’s okay to feel sad and that your feelings matter. Hug your loved ones and say more I love you’s. Take risks and live your life to the fullest because life is short and less of it should be spent worrying and more of it doing the things that make you happy. So don’t waste your time and life by being afraid.

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