Letter to My Middle School Self (and My Sister)

By Eloise Anagnost, TIWP Student

This is what I want you to know:
When you mold yourself into someone else,
to fit what you might think to be the “norm”
or what others decide is “right”,
the only person who will be hurt the most by this betrayal,
is you.
So what if people make fun of you because you like Disney movies
or dress in brightly colored patterns,
almost blinding?
So what if you aren’t like “other girls?”
Chances are they might be lying to themselves
just like you,
struggling to fit the perfectly crafted space, mold,
we think that we ​need ​to squeeze ourselves into.
Remember when you were little, and had those shapes you had to fit into,
wooden molds,
and your small mind struggled to comprehend why the triangle
wouldn’t fit into the space meant for the circle?
It might seem obvious to you now,
and if it is,
then why are you still trying to fit yourself into
a wooden mold?
Because no matter which way you turn it,
the triangle will never fit into
the perfectly formed
And you know what?
That is okay.

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