Today is the Day Change Happens

By Katerina Bonderud, TIWP Student

Today is the day where I make like the founders, declaring their independence from the corrupt authority of England, and declare my independence from the corrupt-ass mindsets that have been passed down to me from generation to generation. My parents told me to not get something if I just want it, that I have to need it, too. Today, like I just said, I’m not going to listen to them. Yep, that’s right. I want something, and I want it now. So I’m going to get it.

I want to live the life I dream about, the life I make Pinterest boards about.

I want to travel.

I want to see this beautiful world we live in. 

I want to learn history. For so long I’ve been taught one side of history, the side that favors us “perfect” (I say this very sarcastically) Americans. And for so long I have been uninterested. But then, something magical happened. The adults around me finally realized I didn’t know crap about this world. So they took off my nose-tinted glasses they had superglued onto my face. 

I want to know the truth. All the news is so full of propaganda crap. 

I want to see more people like Trevor Noah and John Oliver. And more news like the New York Times. I want I a new f*cking president. I saw this one Tik-Tok that talked about how Trump is cool with police shooting to kill (aka shooting critical points) but Joe Biden says to shoot for the leg. So this election is essentially: be shot in the heart or the leg. I don’t know about you but I’m Leg 2020.

I want women to just be respected. How is it so hard to not respect a woman?

Lastly, this is my ultimate dream: to create a place, a society, where love is bountiful, where women are the leaders, where self-care is a daily ritual, where no one gives a crap about your race, gender, orientation or body, where there’s nothing expected from you other than being a decent human being who gives back to the community, and where we get back to the fact that God is a Woman Warrior.

Today is the day where I want something and I’m going to get it. The shipping and handling might be a bit costly and may take a while, but all that matters is that I ordered it. And it’s coming.

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