By Maxine Pollock, TIWP Student

Walking away is a hard thing to do.
You realize that nothing is permanent.
In the present, we work hard to make our conditions ideal,
make sacrifices, change ourselves, gain friends, lose some.
But one decision at any given moment
can change everything
you worked so hard to create.
And what are we walking into?
Why leave something that was working?
Is it the promise of what lies ahead?
The thoughts that keep you up at night wondering
what could’ve been?

But don’t put your narrative into past tense just yet.
Leaving is daunting.
It’s jumping into water without knowing the bottom.
And what about the cliff you jumped from?
It will never be the same.
If you ever choose to return, the wind will have eroded the side.
The grass will have forgotten the weight of your footsteps.
If nothing is permanent,
leaving means saying goodbye
to the world you made for yourself.
But it also means creating a new world.
And maybe this one is even better.
And maybe you will find pieces of it
to carry with you.

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