I Wonder

By Elise Flagg, TIWP Student

I wonder about a lot of things. Is Earth dizzy from spinning so much? Do the clouds get headaches after crying so much? Do the trees get annoyed when animals land on them, tickling their branches? What does it feel like when fire climbs up the bark of a tree, burning it from the inside out? Do the hills get tired of sightseeing? Do the deserts get thirsty? Do roses fall in love? Do sunflowers prefer the dark? Does the sun get tired of being happy all the time? Does the moon want to meet the sun, just once? Does the ocean wish it could flow through the mountains like the river does? Does the river wish it was bigger? Do the ponds and lakes wish they could be moved by something other than wind or boats? Does the blue sky wish it could be as green as grass? Do the bees want to be seen as friendly? Does the wind want to stop moving? Do snowflakes wish someone was just like them? I wonder about a lot of things.

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