In the Calm of the Night

By Kayli Harley, TIWP Student

It’s not yet midnight and the wind rattles my door
as it dances in by way of my open window. 
The sounds of the house have quieted,
night has swept over every corner of every room,
and the others breathe in gentle waves;
in and out, in and out. 
Tonight, I will close my door
and let my hand slip from the metal knob,
leaving it shut until morning. 
Never mind how four steps past this threshold
a watery reflection awaits my presence;
I will close myself within those walls tomorrow.
Tonight, I am here,
secluded, protected, safe. 
It makes no difference that these walls are shaking,
they have yet to fall, and I will not let them. 
Tonight, I am alone;
a body in the night, a soul within a body. 
Tonight, I will wrap my trembling hands around myself tightly,
and I won’t let go until they still. 
Tonight, I will separate mind, heart, and body,
and lay them out before me,
not in judgement, but in acceptance. 
Tonight, I will let tendrils of soothing darkness
caress the entirety of my being
and heal the parts of me that call to pain. 
Tonight, when I put it all back together,
I will sit in this existence;
I will embrace this existence. 
It’s about time I learned to love. 

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