The Patriarchy

By Aly Kirke, TIWP Student

Why are men so violent? I don’t get it. Throughout history men have always been the violent ones. Men bring no good to our world. They carry violence, abuse, and manipulation. Who do we have to thank for the genocide of the Indigenous people? Men. Who’s to blame for the enslavement of black people? Men. World War 2? Men. And then men have the audacity to act all above women, like they’re so great. What makes them great? Their strength? Strength is unnecessary. So we should all bow down to men because they can open a jar or give someone a black eye? I don’t think so. With women running the world we could have a peaceful, healthy world. We’d have far less crime. Our homeless population would disintegrate. All would get an education. Wildlife would be cherished and protected. The world would simply be better off without men. Am I saying all men suck? Of course not, but most do. Am I saying all women are great? Of course not, but most are. Statistics say it all. Women in general are better leaders than men. It’s a fact.

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