The Journey’s End

By Erin Hambidge, TIWP Student

It had been days since he last saw his friends. Days since he had wandered off course in the dense forest, searching for food, any food. He was so tired. He had wandered through the endless woods looking for something familiar, anything to lead him back to his friends. But he found nothing. 

As he wandered through the trees they had grown shorter and shorter, until he stumbled out onto a paved road. Ahead of him stretched a clear blue lake, so large he could not see the opposite shore. He slowly walked to the edge of the water and bent down to drink.

He wasn’t sure what happened next, only that he was falling, plunging headfirst into the cold waters of the lake.

It was so much deeper then it looked. He flailed uselessly in the water, trying to grab onto the shoreline with no avail. A current began to drag him away from shore, into the endless waters of the lake. 

He fought with everything he had but the deep, cold water soon seeped into his bones, and all he could do was struggle to stay afloat. He watched the faint outline of the forest grow smaller and smaller until he could no longer see it. He felt himself slowly sink beneath the waves and he didn’t have the energy to fight it anymore. He let the water drag him under, his body finally still.

Before his head could slip under he felt himself fly into the air, lifted by some mysterious force. Before he knew it he was approaching land once again, carried by his unknown savior. He was set down gently on the shore, his body shivering with fear and shock. He closed his eyes and lay still, too tired to move.

“Is it dead?” a shrill voice inquired. There was no hostility in it, only a childish curiosity. The young girl approached his still body and moved an arm as if to poke it.

“Don’t touch it!” a deeper male voice warned. A man, perhaps the girl’s father, came into view. 

“He’s moving!” the girl shrieked. She reached out a finger to touch him again as he stirred. He crawled towards her slowly, his body still shaking with exhaustion. As he reached toward her outstretched hand she screamed and backed away.

As he tried to turn away a large object came down, blocking out the sun. Before he could move it came crashing down and he was still. 

The man stood over the unmoving body of the bee, shoe still raised in hand. 

Behind him stretched a swimming pool and a thick green lawn.

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