Let the Girl Go

By Amy He, TIWP Student

“I have a right to my own voice and a right to my own vision. I have a right to collaborate with creativity, because I am a product and a consequence of Creation. I am on a mission of artistic liberation, so let the girl go!” — Elizabeth Gilbert

Let the girl go. Let go of the one who sinks into the whirlpool instead of fighting her way out. Who relies on analysis of one-dimensional facts — what happened, what did not. The one who is paralyzed by doubt, hesitation, fear. The darkest interior voice, pulling the strings. The one who constrains herself from her own capability.

Let her go so the jewel can be uncovered. The girl who was always there inside. The girl on a mission: not to achieve, but to be. The creative, curious goddess of self. The one who smiles at her power of feeling.

She’s hard to find. All the fear wants to do is keep her hidden. But if she lets go, she could be unstoppable.

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