i love the way Mother Nature created you

by julia lima, TIWP Student

i love the color green.
i love the green in the trees, in the
flowers, in the toads that hop
across the pond.
i love the green that’s held in your eyes,
so rare, 
no emerald could ever compare.

i love the stars. 
i love the how they twinkle and glow 
through the night.
i love how they spread themselves 
across the sky
like your freckles
across cheeks
over the nose
all over.

i love the way the sun feels on my skin.
i love when there’s not a cloud in the sky
and the great beaming sun wraps around
my shoulders
like your embrace.

i love playing music.
i love running my fingers across the keys 
and hearing the notes mush together.
i love listening to the sounds of your laughter,
how each giggle is a note put together
to produce a sweet little melody.

i love watching the rain fall.
i love seeing tiny drops chase each other
down the windowpane,
i love the way your 
mirror the rain,
starting off slow
and gaining speed.
so vulnerable
so free.

i love the shine of the moon.
i love how it glows past the dark of the night
and illuminates every blade of grass
in the endless fields.
i love the glow of your smile,
so contagious and bright
that everything around you
is illuminated, 

i love the way Mother Nature created you.
i love the beauty 
so effortless and natural
inside you 
that shines outward.
i love you.

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