Let Us Be Alone

By Julia Lima, TIWP Student

let us be alone together,
for it is the closest we can get
to familiarity 
in this unfamiliar tunnel
we are traveling through.

let us be alone enough 
enough to remember 
the secret joys and comforts
of eavesdropping on silly conversations 
and mapping out the life stories of strangers passing by
and other silly things that make us human.

let us be alone in sorrow
so that moments of laughter 
so sweet and sensational 
can become louder
on the other side.

let us be alone with our thoughts
exploring the intricate cavities of our minds
so that walking becomes more than walking
it becomes each foot 
kissing the face of the earth
with comprehended purpose.

let us be alone from busy streets
away from the toxic rush of fast-paced business
from days that too quickly turn into nights.

let us be alone
for now
and feel our solitude most deeply.

let us fear not being with no one but ourselves
for self-awareness is a great power to possess 
making this time of aloneness
a gift.
it is up to ourselves whether or not 
we wish to accept it. 

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