The Myth of the Imperfect Woman

By Julia Lima, TIWP Student

I used to say I had flaws,
but that was before I realized
that everything I had seen as an imperfection
was created
by the media,
by society,
and everyone in the patriarchal world
who profits 
off of my insecurities.
Now I thank my belly
for keeping in my organs
and holding in all the delicious food
I love to eat.
Now I’m proud of the stretch marks 
that run through my skin,
a trophy of my growth and hard-work.
Now I’m grateful for the hair on my limbs,
because I know my body is keeping me warm.
Now I’m confident in my strong legs,
for they keep me up standing tall.
Now I don’t need the media 
or anyone else 
to tell me how I look,
because who are they to judge?
They are evil corporations 
that make money 
off of the insecurities of little girls,
and THAT
is really ugly. 

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