Letter from My Body

By Amy He, TIWP Student

You might want to trust me more than you think you should. I’m the feeling in your stomach telling you where to go. I’m the pang in your chest telling you it’s wrong. I’m the heaviness in your eyelids telling you when you’ve had enough. I’m the pulse in your veins letting you know you can do it.

I’m the dimples on your face, the glimmer in your eyes when you smile. I’m the throbbing in your collarbone reminding you that you’ve overcome. And I’m always gonna be here for you. No matter what, until the end. You can’t get rid of me, so you might as well be grateful.

I’ve been cut, burned and broken, yet I have it in me to heal. It’s a power I hold—a gift for you. Each time I grow, I become stronger, and you become more confident.

I am beautiful, powerful, and I’m fighting for you.

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