By Hettie Van Dyke, TIWP Student

What is enough? Is it enough to simply be loved? Some might say so. I do not. Is it enough to be happy? For some, perhaps. But are we ever truly happy? No matter how far back into the deepest corners of our brain we push that little nagging voice, how ever much we quiet its shrill voice, is it ever truly gone? Happiness is a fleeting emotion. What is enough? Some might say that it is enough to have a family and a job that you love. They may be right. It may be enough for them. But we do not all want the same things.

For this girl, enough will be when she can no longer dream, for she has done everything she could dream of. Enough will be when every item on her ever-growing bucket list is checked off. Her enough is impossible, at least for one girl, in one lifetime. But she will still try. And it is doubtful she will ever stop. She will never have enough, because that would mean she has had enough of life.

We all have our own enough, though it changes over time. Babies will have a different idea of what is enough than children, than teenagers, than young adults, than middle-aged adults, than older people. We must all try to reach our enough, though, because isn’t that all that life is? Trying to have enough?

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