Society’s Expectations

By Olivia Uzuncan, TIWP Student

What if, in life, there isn’t one right answer? What if their pain, just because you think it’s not as important as yours, still needs to be validated—because it’s everything to them. One girl’s “fat” may be another girl’s “skinny.”  “Oh you’re not fat at all, have you seen me?” Life is not a “who has it worse” contest. Whether it be pain, the amount of stress one undergoes, or their personal life that occurs behind closed doors, why are we comparing our weaknesses? It doesn’t mean that her body insecurity should be validated any less just because her problems are a bit different than yours. Societal norms aren’t a math problem. There is no one right answer. Your life is your life. The grass is not always greener. Your favorite could be their least favorite. Your style may be at their peak of disgust. It doesn’t mean that their needs are any less important than yours. Let them feel. Let them sulk in their sorrow. Let them thrive in their accomplishments. It’s not your judgment call. Stay in your own lane. 

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