Me, Myself

Elise Flagg, TIWP Student

People can tell you what you’re like. They can tell you you are beautiful, you have nice hair, your eyes glisten like a diamond in the sun. They can only tell you things they see. And they can tell others also what they think. Key word “think.” Key word “tell.” I do not allow people’s ideas cut through my skin. I don’t let them grab the scissors of judgement to open a scar that runs from my finger to my shoulder. I do not let them in. Because the only person that knows truly who I am is someone who will never be able to speak their mind to others. It is not myself. It is not my best friend or my dog. It is the sun and the moon. They designed me, so they are the only ones who can decide who I am inside and out. So let me tell you what they have to say about me. Let us start with the sun. The sun decided on September 27th, 2004 at 8:10am that I would be a Libra. Now what does this mean you wonder. What does the sun have to say about a human being if all they do is come up in the morning, and go down at night? Where are their credentials? How do we trust them? As I speak for the sun I give you this. The sun is the reason you eat what you eat. The reason you stay warm in the day. The reason that roses are red and violets are blue. The sun determines your identity. Your role in life. Your core. You. As I said earlier, the sun gave me the gift as a Libra. They decided that I will always be fundamentally oriented toward fairness and justice. Hopefully they don’t expect me to become a lawyer or anything, but it’s nice to know they have good faith in me. The sun told me that I am always generous, which allows me to see both sides of every situation, but that it may appear as I am insecure or indecisive. The sun does not allow me to get tied down to things, frequently making me question myself and rethink my views, but then showing me I’m more impressionable than I appear. And finally the sun allowed me to do what I say and gave me a worth ethic that allows me to get things done. And for the cherry on top, the sun told me I am well dressed, which is always nice to hear. The final thing the sun told me was that I always feel the need to distinguish myself from others through privacy secrets and introspection. I don’t even know what introspection means. And I’m really bad at keeping secrets so that explains a lot. The sun then set, and left me to think and take it all in. Then the moon rose, shining it’s pure white light on my face, and when I asked them what they created for me they told me this. They told me on September 27th, 2004 at 8:10 am, they disagreed with the sun and decided I was not a Libra. Not on the inside at least. The moon told me they were in charge of my emotion, my moods, and my feelings. They told me that I am empathetic, dreamy, sensitive, and gentle. I agreed with this, thinking about the fact that even a dog whimpering can send me into a whirlwind. The moon told me that I am vulnerable much of the time, and that all I want is a partner who deeply understands me. Like thanks, as if that wasn’t obvious enough. They told me more and more about myself. But if I tell you everything, then I might as well just write a guide on “How to Crack Elise 101,” but unfortunately for you, you will not be receiving that guide. This is who I am. Do not tell me otherwise. Do not say that it doesn’t fit me. Because it does. As told by the world. This is me.

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