Deserving Love

By Samah Hamid, TIWP Student

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” — The Perks of Being a Wallflower

So many people live their entire lives thinking that they don’t deserve love. They might have had a difficult past. They might be too harsh on themselves. They might have fallen into society’s trap and started to believe that they don’t deserve one of humanity’s greatest gifts.

We’re constantly surrounded by people who are willing to share. Humanity is often crumbling around us, but we manage to find people who live their everyday life with goodness, and they restore our faith. These people are supportive and kind and make us feel good about ourselves—until we come crashing back to the pit of anxiety and self-doubt we were in before. We force ourselves to remember every minuscule, tiny mistake we have ever made. These mistakes should never be disregarded, but we should keep them as reminders about what not to do, instead of anchors keeping us in the past.

We make ourselves unworthy of the praise people give us, and we shut people out because we think they don’t actually know us. But the truth is, they do. They probably know parts of us that we didn’t know existed. No one is ever a lost cause until they start believing it, and even then, others almost always manage to see the little beautiful rays of goodness shining through. More often than not, they’re a lot larger than we think.

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