Eyes Wide Open

By Elle Gordon, TIWP Student

I had a conversation with a guy about a show he saw on TV. He started by saying he was glad that his 10-year-old sister wasn’t in the room as to not scare her. The show spoke of the constitution but also about sexual harassment. He said that it opened his eyes and that he thought I should watch it to “not be as naive.” I told him I am not naive, my eyes do not need to be open.

I know men may see my body as a prize rather than a palace holding my soul. I know that men will tell me “compliments.” I know that society outcasts me if I don’t take a ride home with a guy because I’m “too afraid” or “antisocial,” but I also know even nice guys take advantage of us without punishment. My 10-year-old sister knows and fears that everyday. Just like the rest of us, our eyes are open. I don’t need you to explain it to me. Your awakening, your realization, is our reality. The heaviness you felt while watching it is our normal. That fear you had, we’ve lived with ever since we could understand words. We know more and go through more than you think. And you know a lot less than you think.

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