By Elle Gordon, TIWP Student

Dear world,

I want you to listen. That lady you had a political Facebook fight with. Listen. Your sister who needs a shoulder to cry on. Listen. Your teacher or boss who can’t seem to get off your back. Listen. There is so much static in the world.

“Kanye got Kim a Hologram!”

“The Murder Hornets are Back!”

“Obama’s Daughter made a Tik Tok!”

“Ariana Grande and Doja Cat came out with a new song! Listen to it now!”

And you do. With that flashy headline or a enticing meme you click on it and listen to these stories of no importance. Not everything is so simple, can’t be summed up in a two paragraph article. You still can listen. How are you supposed to fight for something if you don’t know the opposing side. If we have a conversation and start to have understanding we may get somewhere. There’s no fun memes or gifs for the reality of police brutality, climate change, homophobia, racism, sexism, etc. So you have to actively listen. Don’t just look at the headline. Dig deeper. And maybe, just maybe, we will realize that no matter our opinions, we deserve to be heard.

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