I Believe

By Elle Gordon, TIWP Student

I believe that we can always do better.
I believe in doing my best.
I believe no one should have to live in fear.
I believe I should not be ashamed of who I love.
I believe hate is unhelpful.
I believe we should not get more or less based on our orientation or genitalia.
I believe in beauty.
I believe that everyone is given what they can handle.
I believe no one is a lost cause.
I believe it’s okay to want a break.
I believe everyone needs a helping hand.
I believe everyone is deserving of love, especially their own.
I believe everyone is gorgeous with every curve or scar.
I believe we should not destroy what has only provided safety for us.
I believe that we should help when we can.
I believe there is light but it’s okay to want to want to stay in the darkness.
I believe we need a break from the news.
I believe should have our own ideas and still live as one.
I believe people can change.
I believe people can forgive.
I believe all beings can love.
I believe everyone is going through it.
I believe no one knows what they’re doing.
I believe no one should be put down for being them.
I believe we need a breathe.
I believe in things we cannot see.
I believe science.
I believe that critical voice in the back of your head is wrong.
I believe in humans.
I believe in the power to heal.
I believe in change.
I believe in you.

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